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Set up in 2004, Beijing Colored Soil is an Information Technology Co. Ltd, a dynamic high technology enterprise, with an operational remit encompassing technology research and development, system support/integration, manufacturing of computer and electronic parts, information transmission, and customized online shopping. Led by a Renowned Professional manager in the domestic IT sector, Colored Soil has forged a strong team, including efficient management, experts and experienced technical engineers in the IT field, as well as specialists, designers and consultants in E-Commence, who have worked together to develop a number of innovative products over the last few years. With creating health and vitality of enterprise culture, pursuing professionalism, integrity and quality of products, Colored Soil has offered a set of effective services, including constructing and remolding infrastructure, supplying advanced technical training for users, providing comprehensive, and synthesized solutions to technical application. The excellent services have secured a great deal of trust and recognition from more than thirty clients in the areas of telecommunications, tobacco, education, construction, transportation, finance, and insurance etc,.
In addition to that, Colored Soil has created and operated the earliest Electronic Commerce Website – www.Sinobuy.cn (Nature&Art) – which specializes in national as well as ethnic products. Sinobuy.cn has offered a wide range of products, such as costumes, accessories, artifacts and handicrafts, and instruments collected from fifty-six Chinese ethnic minorities. It has remained the most popular website for online shopping and its products are well-liked both nationally and worldwide, with millions of loyal customers enjoying its membership and partaking of the natural, simple and eco-friendly lifestyle it offers. In order to meet customers’ various needs for specific items, Sinobuy.cn, in collaboration with local artisans, has set up workshops in their local areas to ensure the originality of the products with affordable prices. It has also, for the convenience of the customers, created a system of online purchase, means of delivery, and a variety of payment methods with user-friendly functions.
Since its launch in May 2004, Sinobuy.cn has flourished thanks to its variety of products and efficient services; and as a result has acquired the reputation of the most credible and reliable business-to-consumer shopping website in the market of China’s national and ethnic products and artifacts.
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