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Chinese Paper Cutting  
Paper cutting is the oldest Chinese folk art with a history of thousands years, which was used originally in prayers to ancestors and the deity in the rituals of Ancient China. Paper cutting has, however, remained popular in contemporary China, especially in the festivals and weddings where people cut out the colorful papers with scissors into different shapes to decorate doors and windows as form of well-wishing for health, prosperity and good fortune. Paper cutting has generally been designed into different kinds for different purposes and types of events, such as the pattern of window flowers as an ornament during the Chinese festivals to discard the old in order to bring in the new; paper cutting in weddings that is often used to embellish household items and furniture with red papers cut out into the symmetries of birds and flowers, symbolizing auspicious marital life; paper cutting for celebrations which is put on the birthday cakes, birthday noodles and red eggs as presents on some joyful occasions; and other kinds of door and lantern paper cutting that are displayed during major national festivals like the Lantern festival and the Chinese New Year.
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